Logon brings Lwatch, an HD IP Security Camera Solution which provides Live View, HD Recording and Fast Forwarding of your security camera in just Rs. 1499/month.

Your security guard might sleep but our security camera will not. Lwatch is designed to facilitate your security needs via worldwide accessible web portal and mobile application (both Android and iOS).

We have made sure to provide you the best HD security camera solution with 24/7 support from our experienced team of professionals.

  •  Live View: Customers can view the stream live from the installed camera over the internet on PC & Mobile device.
  •  Recording: Customers can avail the facility to record sessions for at least 3 days. As the service is hosted on Logon cloud therefore customers can have complete peace of mind by not having any liabilities associated with the security cameras such as DVR etc.
  •  Fast Forwarding: Customers can now fast forward recorded videos of the security camera to identify a peculiar event or catch a culprit. This feature is available free of cost.


Note: Fast Forwarding feature is currently available on PC. Coming soon on Android & iOS devices.

Live View, HD Recording and Fast Forwarding in just Rs. 1499/month/camera.

Recording plan will be made available in 3 day multiples (3, 6, 9, etc.) and charged accordingly.

Government taxes applicable:
5 % tax – Federal
19.5 % tax – Sindh

Equipment Specification Price (PKR)
HD IP Camera 2 MP HD day & night camera
1080 x 720 resolution
15-20 feet range for face recognition
Discounted Price
PoE (power over ethernet) Switch 4 PoE/ 4 Non PoE ports 8,500/-
UPS (Optional) 1 KVA, 2x 12 V/7AH batteries 9,950/-
Installation Cabling to be charged as per actual 2,000 per camera


1. All hardware prices are inclusive of taxes.

2. This service is for Logon customers only.

3. In case customers use their own UPS, Logon will not be responsible for any damage to the equipment.