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How To Connect with Logon

  • What is Logon broadband Internet Service provider (ISP)?

    Logon Broadband is one of the top High-speed Internet Service providers and Business Solutions providers in Karachi, Pakistan for Corporate, Enterprise Entities & Home Consumers. Our team of professionals from all relevant fields and hard workers are determined to establish a strong network service of Fiber optic / ftth and Gpon tech on the metropolitan level and ensure to provide their best as per the client’s requirements whether it’s from a corporate or a home consumer.
  • What is Fiber optics?

    Fiber optics are the most reliable infrastructure for internet providers and the telecommunication industry, Fiber is a pure glass-based medium and dominant over both conventional wireless and copper-based wired mediums.
  • What Logon broadband is Offering?

    Logon Broadband offering the most reliable Internet services & Data connectivity through 100 % fiber optic, ftth & Gpon technology and point to point wireless data connections with Managed Area Network Services, Customize ERP, IP Telephony, Security Surveillance Solutions and Consultation of Data Center services to Satisfied Corporate Customers & Home Consumers.
  • What is FTTH (Fiber to the Home)?

    Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the distribution of a communications signal through fiber optics from the operative’s switching kit all the way to a home or business, thereby swapping existing copper infrastructure such as telephone wires and coaxial cable. Fiber to the home is a comparatively new and fast-growing technique of providing massively higher bandwidth to home users and corporate consumers, Ftth is a big and enhanced revolution for the internet service providers (ISP) industry. Learn more about, Fiber to the home
  • Why Logon Broadband?

    Logon Broadband is one of the well-known Fastest internet provider company in Karachi with its best infrastructure of fiber optics and with the best technical team from telecommunications sector in Karachi and providing on-ground support to our valued clients, with 40 G Network capacity, 24 x 7 x 365 days Filed & Customer Support to retain up-time of our Valued Customers.
  • How logon broadband is different from other Internet service providers (ISP)?

    As per Logon’s increasing and growing portfolio of network infrastructure solutions and services, LOGON plays a crucial role in enabling its customers to deliver Broadband internet services, dynamic voice, data wireless services, and other managed services that are increasingly essential to Enterprise and on-the-go consumers, which gives us the edge from the other ISP.
  • What is the Network break down the frequency of logon internet service?

    Logon Broadband Infrastructure is deployed by the top professionals from the internet and telecommunications industry in Pakistan which is based on an international standard in order to get minimum internet service breakdown, this structure allows internet connectivity to be produced the best connections till your Offices & home through its fiber-optic structure. With our Fiber to the Home service, you receive a consistent speed that is more reliable than a traditional broadband connection, this Ftth & Gpon tech makes us the best internet service provider in Karachi.
  • How do I contact Logon broadband for help?

    You can Email us at info@lbi.net.pk and call us at (021)38402064
  • Is this Internet service user friendly and support all the online and multiplayer games?

    Logon Broadband is one of the best internet service provider for gaming in Karachi, through network gaming which are used to play all online and multiplayer games using gaming network servers, the users can also build their own secure gaming servers to play with their friends and experience the best online gaming with logon internet service for gaming.
  • Will I receive a confirmation email, SMS or call after my connection has been registered?

    Obviously, when you register yourself to get an internet connection from logon broadband Internet service providers and once your connection has been completed you will receive a confirmation call In case of any problem regarding confirmation or any other query, you can contact us here.
  • What is the difference between home users' internet service and corporate consumers' internet services/accounts?

    There is a definite and a different package for home users, which would use for the internet services at home for entertainment, personal use, and for the educational purposes, household internet account/services are not meant to use internet critically for commercial purpose or heavy task for business, There is different internet packages/account for business and corporate users which are based on CIR and Dedicated IPs.
  • How do I change my package?

    You can upgrade your internet package, it’s just only a click away from you just need to visit our website and request for bandwidth upgrade and also you can call us at our customer support any time and change your package plan as per your need. Our fiber optics internet services support up to 2.5 Gbps.
  • Does Logon Broadband can track my logs and activity on the network?

    Logon Broadband has systematized logging and tracking structure, The Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan requires this feature from all ISP (internet service provider) companies. Which keeps the records of user id and Public IP address. The logs are only provided to the Government’s authorized law enforcement agencies upon any illegal activity performed by a particular user. It is recommended to Logon Broadband customers to protect the user id and do not share it with any unknown or less trusted person.
  • What documents and information should I need to provide to get internet services from logon broadband?

    All internet users in Pakistan are liable to provide the following information for the user’s account/profile as per the compliance instructions issued by the PTA. Username, Address, Mobile number, CNIC. All users are requested to cooperate with the dealers in the above-mentioned instructions in order to avoid inconvenience, or if you want to apply online click here.
  • What are the operational coverage areas of Logon broadband internet services?

    Logon broadband internet service providers covered almost all the areas of Karachi, Pakistan with its strong fiber optics & Gpon infrastructure and point to point & point to multipoint wireless data connectivity which leads this company to the list of one of the fastest internets in Karachi.