IP Transit

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IP Transit

IP transit is the service of allowing network traffic to cross or "transit" a computer network, usually used to connect a smaller Internet service provider (ISP) to the larger Internet. Technically, it consists of two bundled services:

  • The advertisement of customer routes to other ISPs, thereby soliciting inbound traffic toward the customer from them
  • The advertisement of other ISPs' routes (usually but not necessarily in the form of a default route or a full set of routes to all of the destinations on the Internet) to the ISP's customer, thereby soliciting outbound traffic from the customer towards these networks. Learn More

Logon Broadband offers the most dependable and effective path on super quality bandwidth technology of IP Transit, flow of IP traffic managed with wide capacity routing system to provide high quality internet service.

  • Customizable at any time
  • Real time performance reporting and analysis
  • Wide range of connection from Mbps up to Gbps