Helpdesk Services

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Helpdesk Services

Help desk software enables support agents to provide quick and easy answers to help seekers. The right help desk software makes it simple for agents to organize, prioritize, and resolve requests so nothing falls through the cracks.

Service Name

Help Desk – The Information Technology Office provides the Department of Public Safety with an IT support help desk.

Service Description

The help desk is staffed 24×7 even on weekends and holidays by at least 4 technician. The help desk provides the day-to-day support for department employees, law enforcement, and other system users. The help desk is also the initial point of contact for working with the help desk, change requests, and initiating issue resolution.

Service Scope / Customers

Indicate current scope of service offering… to whom is the service available?

Help desk services are available to all agency employees, law enforcement, and other external users.

Key Differentiation

  • 24×7 multi-lingual, multi-channel support.
  • Integrated solution to provide Level 1 to Level 3 support.
  • Single-window clearance service for the client.
  • Consolidation and standardization of operations and processes.